Prosper Credit Pte Ltd

The Premier Choice for a Licensed Money Lender in Toa Payoh

When you need cash urgently, Prosper Credit delivers. We have emerged as a leading Toa Payoh moneylender, outperforming older and more established licensed money lenders in the region.


How do we do it?

Simple – with the help of three overarching principles:




Does that sound like something you need?

Our loan executives understand that anyone looking for a fast cash or payday loan in Singapore needs cash urgently. We have designed a simplified application process that:

Not every Toa Payoh moneylender can offer the convenience of these steps. We choose to do so because we understand the limitations and anxieties of Toa Payoh residents.

Prosper Credit is not your generic licensed money lender. Our team is made up of people from the local community. They are the residents of your neighbourhood, your former schoolmates, and maybe even your colleagues and friends. Our competitors cannot match the level of genuine care and concern that entails.

Loan officer in Propsper Credit Toa Payoh money lender office

What does Toa Payoh moneylender Prosper Credit offer?

Online loan Singapore

Licensed money lenders are required by law to have a physical office but not a website. Proper Credit runs a responsive, up-to-date, and comprehensive website for your convenience. You do not even have to leave home to get provisional approval for a loan. Just fill in the online loan application and our executives will pre-approve all eligible borrowers.

Urgent cash loan today

If you need a loan, the odds are that you need it as soon as possible. Not every Toa Payoh moneylender has the team, the capital, or the processes in place to approve your loan today. By contrast, Prospect Credit focuses on a fast turnaround for urgent cash loans. You could have the money you need in your hand within an hour!

12 month cash loans

As a Toa Payoh moneylender, we provide medium-term cash loans of 12 months. These loans, which can be in the form of a cash loan, offer the best balance between low interest rates and ample time to make payments.

1 month loan

A 1 month loan is a versatile way to get the money you need to meet emergency or regular expenses till your next paycheck. Because most applicants are paid monthly, this is the ideal payday loan in Singapore. You get the money you need today and pay back at your convenience when your salary arrives.

group of female loan officers in Toa Payoh licensed money lender Prosper credit office

Everything you need under one roof

Is the loan that you need from a Toa Payoh moneylender not listed above? No problem – Prosper Credit will create a customised loan profile for you!

Unlike most other licensed money lenders, we take a very flexible approach with our clients. If you have been rejected by other lenders, come in and speak to us. 

We are sure that we can find an arrangement that suits you together!